Marion movie review: The King’s Speech (英国王のスピーチ)

The King’s Speech (英国王のスピーチ)

Hello everyone, this is Marion from DMA.

I would like to write a short review on the latest movie I have seen, ‘The King’s Speech’.

As some of you may now, this movie has won 4 Academy Awards on February 27th (Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay).

The movie is based on the true story of King George VI of Britain, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. Being the second son of George V, George VI was not supposed to become King, but after his older brother’s abdication, he did not have any choice and had to access the throne.

Being King implies public appearances and many public speeches, however, George VI had a major stuttering problem… The movie revolves around George’s fears and doubts, the help he received from his speech therapist, and how he became one of the most well-known British monarchs.

‘The King’s Speech’ left me speechless! The two lead actors, Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, give amazing performances, as well as Helena Bonham-Carter (who plays George’s wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) and many others.

This movie is a perfect blend of history, personal and familial drama and it makes the audience feel a bit closer to an otherwise very distant Royal Family.

I strongly recommend this movie, you will not be disappointed!










Miki in Fiji


I am Miki and I work at Dean Morgan. In September 2010, I studied English in Fiji through South Pacific Freebird for 2 weeks.

This blog section will tell you everything you would like to know about Fiji and studying English there. I hope you enjoy it!

Fiji is an island called by Viti Levu, and I stayed in Latoka city in Viti Levu Island.

During my stay in Fiji to study English, I went to an island by ferry to do marine sports on the weekends.

There is a H.I.S. branch in Fiji, so I went there to apply for a one day tour which was FJ$100 (about 5000 yen).

What kind of image do you have of Fiji? For me, it is a BEAUTIFUL SEA!
If you travel about 10 minutes out into the open sea, you can enjoy a nice view of the island and relax to the sound of the waves.

On the island, you can enjoy a lot of free marine activities like snorkeling, riding in a submarine and playing beach volleyball. You can also relax in a spa, but it isn’t free.

Luckily, I could see 2 sea turtles when I was enjoying snorkeling.
Just floating in the water was a lot of fun!

I never though studying English in another country would be so much fun!







“Open” Andre Agassi

One of the most exciting, interesting, and somewhat controversial tennis players, both on and off the court, of all time was Andre Agassi. So when I bought his autobiography “Open” a couple weeks ago, I expected it to be a very intriguing read. I was not disappointed.

“Open” isn’t your average “Jock” autobiography filled with the usual tales of athletic achievements and very little outside of the sport. It is, in fact, about Agassi’s struggles and triumphs both on and off the court. It leaves nothing out, whether it’s about his overbearing father pushing a young Andre to be the best in the world through years of brutal practice, to his troubled marriage to actress Brooke Shields. It goes into his struggles with drugs and losing his hair. The long flowing mullet synonymous with a young Agassi was in reality a hairpiece, a wig. He also dishes the dirt on some of his opponents over his career and tells us what he really thought of them.

Of course “Open” isn’t all about the downside of Agassi’s life. It talks about the positive relationships he had with his coaches, mentors, and the profound effect his wife Steffi Graff , a true champion in her own right, has had on him. The book also talks about Agassi’s views on education and how dropping out of high school showed him later in life just how valuable education truly is. It later inspired him to open a school of his own to help underprivileged children in his native Las Vegas.

Ultimately “Open” is a human interest book about a person who overcame many obstacles to become the best in the world at what he did despite never feeling as if his life was never his own. And despite all the fame and success tennis laid at his feet, there were always demons waiting around the corner looking to challenge him. The biggest being he actually hated tennis but felt as though he never had a choice to do anything else.

“Open” is a brutally honest account of Agassi’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you’re a fan of tennis, or just a fan of good human interest stories, “Open” is a great book to read.

Daniel E.


Snowboarding in Naeba by Dan-sensei

Dear All,

It has been a very warm winter so far, but with plenty of snow in places where it matters! Yes, winter is the season for skiing and snowboarding; relaxing in onsens, and eating delicious nabe!

Last season I went to Naeba、in Niigata-ken. I arrived on March 16th, stayed for one night and went home in the evening on the 17th. Though last season was not so good (snow conditions) overall, it snowed a lot in the morning of the 17th, so I managed to have a great time riding in fresh powder snow!

If you are interested in going on a trip to the mountains, I recommend staying at the Naeba Prince Hotel:


The chair lifts and gondolas are right outside the hotel, so you don’t need to carry your equipment very far. You can also get lift passes for a discounted price if you are staying at the hotel!

I heard it will be a good season this year, so get yourselves geared up and up to the top of a mountain!

Just some quick advice. If you are a beginner skier or snowboarder, don’t let your friend or partner teach you unless they’re instructors. It will take you forever to learn and it won’t be half as fun. It will cost a bit more money, but you should get a lesson from a qualified instructor. It will cost less in pain and frustration!!

Please tell me about your trips!



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