British Slang


British Slang

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the warmer weather.

As many of you know, British English can sometimes be difficult to understand as we tend to use a lot of natural expressions, idioms and slang that is not used anywhere else in the world, so I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce you to some British slang expressions commonly used in the UK.

Quid (n) = pounds
Ex. ‘Can you lend me a few quid for the train?’ / A: ‘How much does that cost?’ B: ‘Just a few quid’

Make a brew (ph.) = make a cup of tea

Murder (v) = 1. Kill someone 2. Eat or drink with gusto.
Ex. ‘I’m making a brew. Do you want one?’ / ‘I’m so thirsty. I could murder a brew.’

Cheers! (Ph.) =
1. To toast when drinking. Ex. ‘Cheers everyone!’
2. Good-bye! Ex. ‘Thanks for the meal, Sarah. See you tomorrow. Cheers!’
3. Thanks! Ex. ‘Cheers for the money you lent me.’

Chuck (v) = pass or throw casually
Ex. ‘Chuck me the remote. I want to change the channel’

Dodgy (adj) = suspicious
Ex. ‘That man dressed in black on the corner looks really dodgy. He keeps staring at me.’

(My back) is killing me! (ph.) = (My back) hurts!
Ex. ‘I was awake until 3.00 a.m. working last night and now my neck is killing me!’

Well / dead (adv.) = really
Ex. ‘The sushi at that place is well nice’ / ‘She’s dead good at singing.’

Alright? (ph.) = used as a greeting
Ex. ‘A: Alright, Noel?’ B: ‘Alright.’

What do you think? Can you use these phrases?

I look forward to hearing you use these slang expressions in your general conversation classes!


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