Valentine's day


Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!


Did you know the first Valentine’s day wasn’t celebrated in Japan until 1936?

But the origin of St. Valentine’s Day goes back much, much further than that.


In fact, the holiday has a history that goes all the way back to the year 270 AD!!!

Legend has it that the Roman emperor Claudius II had imprisoned Saint Valentine and condemned him to death for practicing Christianity.


The night before his execution Saint Valentine wrote a letter to a woman he referred to as his “beloved”. He confessed his love to her so that he would not have any regrets before dying,

How did such a violent and heart wrenching story become associated with chocolates, roses and little angels shooting arrows at people making them fall in love?

Valentine’s day is celebrated differently around the world.

For example in South Korea, similar to Japan, women give chocolate to men on February 14 and in return men give gifts to women on March 14 “ White Day”. The only difference is on April 14, they have a holiday called “Black Day”, those who did not receive anything on the 14th of Feb or March go to a Korean restaurant to eat black noodles and “mourn” their single life.

In Japan, women give chocolate to men. Depending on the woman’s relationship with the recipient there are varying degrees of presents: Giri-choco (obligatory chocolate) is for friends, family or co-workers. While, Honmei-choco (real or heart felt chocolate ) is reserved for romantic interests, boyfriends and husbands.

In western cultures such as North America and Europe, it is the men that have to do all the work on Valentine’s Day. Typically requiring weeks of preparation, a typical Valentine’s date in the west is similar to the Japanese Christmas Eve date.

No matter how you celebrate it, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. It brings the opportunity to start a new love and rekindle a current love. It is the perfect time of year to let your inner romanticist shine!

Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day with DMA on February 11th .

Talk to any DMA staff for party information.





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