Takao hiking with Peter and Noel


Takao hiking with Peter and Noel

DMA had it’s first outdoor adventure day!!

Noel, Peter and 4 students went to Mt. Takao to see the Autumn foliage!!

As we climbed up the mountain the temperature dropped, until it became a bit nippy, but the walking and good conversation soon warmed us up! We talked about island nations like the UK, which is known for it’s fog and smog!

It was the peak weekend to visit Mt. Takao, so there were a lot of people everywhere, which meant we couldn’t take the cable car up the mountain.

When we climbed up the steep slopes we saw a lot of cedar, Gingko and Japanese maple trees, we also saw small shops selling food such as sesame dumplings.

At the temples we saw smoke which drifted onto us. People usually try to cover themselves in the smoke to cast away evil spirits.

At the peak we stood and ate for a while; rice balls, oden and sandwiches were on the menu for us!

Once we were fed and watered we started to walk down, and on the way took over a few people who were walking very slowly; we thought about offering them piggybacks!

Although we planned to take the cable car down, we gave up when we saw the long line!

It was too much of a hassle to wait, so we just walked to the bottom! Luckily none of us had any blisters!

Overall we had a great time and I look forward to our next trip!


There are less people than before. 前回より参加者は少なかった。
The smoke drifted on to me. 煙が私にかかってきた。
Fog きり
Smog 汚染された空気
Island nations 島国
Let’s stand and eat 座ってご飯を食べましょう。
A hassle 面倒くさい
Japanese maple tree もみじ 紅葉(momiji)
Nippy 寒い
The temperature is dropping 気温が下がっている
Take over 前の~を抜かす
Get past them 抜かす
to cast away evil sprits 厄払いする
cedar tree 杉の木
cable car ケーブルカー
steep 急な
sesame dumpling ごま団子
Smoke 煙
Foliage (uncountable noun) 葉
Autumn Leaves 紅葉
Peak 山頂
skillful 器用な
To be fed and watered (expression) よく食べた
Gingko イチョウ
Gingko nut ぎんなん
Vinegar 酢
A piggyback おんぶ 肩車
Blister 水ぶくれ

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