My Own Summer


My Own Summer

Every year around this time I find myself feeling a bit nostalgic.

As summer transitions into fall I find myself disappointed. I noticed the sun is setting earlier than a few weeks before. The heat has become less intense in my apartment and I find myself using the air conditioner less and less. Soon the leaves of the ginkgo trees that line my street will turn a vibrant yellow and soon after that the leaves will cover the ground like golden snow.
On Saturday, I attended the Autumn Festival of Juniso Kumano Shrine. I had not planned to go actually. Initially, I went to Shinjuku to shop for work clothes when I happened to come across the festival.
As I strolled through the food stalls near Chuo Park I felt a twinge of sadness as I realized that soon summer will end. Summer was ending and I had yet to really do anything “summer-y” . I hadn’t gone to the beach this year, I hadn’t worn yukata or watched fireworks. I hadn’t even gone to a “bon o-dori”!!

Where did my summer go?!
Suddenly, an urgency came over me. I ran to the bus stop and went home. I went to the 100yen shop below my apartment building and bought some fireworks and beer. I convinced my roommate into joining me in the small park near our apartment with a bucket of water. We lit fireworks works and drank beer that evening.
This summer hadn’t exactly turned out like I had planned but I was still able make some good memories. I think I am ready for autumn.

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