My Brothers Wedding ~ By Andrew Heffernan


My Brothers Wedding ~ By Andrew Heffernan

My Brothers Wedding ~ By Andrew Heffernan

This Friday I will return home to Australia for my brothers wedding. I am excited, however I am also a little nervous. I have been working overseas continuously for four years so it has been a long time since I have seen my extended family. In the meantime I have changed a lot as a person. It will be interesting to see how well we get on together. I am worried it will be a little awkward because so much has happened since the last time we met. I am not looking forward to the reverse culture shock either! It is going to be hard to get used to those cave man style toilets again.

今 週の金曜日、兄の結婚式の為オーストラリアに帰ります。とても楽しみですが、少し緊張もしています。今まで4年間ずっと国外で仕事をしてきて、親戚には長 い間会っていないからです。その間、人として自分もかなり変わりました。うまくやれるかどうか、少し心配です。最後に会ってから、あまりにもたくさんのこ とがありました。「逆」カルチャーショックがありませんように!日本のような最新式では無い向こうのトイレに慣れるのは大変でしょう。

Spring is the best time to visit Melbourne and ill be arriving at the end of the spring racing carnival. I cant wait to dress up, gamble and drink with my friends! I also have a “bucks party” and several other events to attend. So I am really pumped!

Finally, I am glad I didn’t book Qantas. If you want to visit Melbourne one day, I recommend you fly Korean Air. They have the best connections and great service.


See you when I get back!



PS~ If your interested in learning more about the Melbourne spring carnival check out this link!
P.S. メルボルンのスプリングカーニバルに興味があったら下のサイトを見てみてください!

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