Joseph American versus British English - Weather


Joseph American versus British English – Weather

Hello everyone!
Are you enjoying the summer heat?

Travelers often have a difficult time adjusting to the climate of a new area. I always check weather forecasts before I go out, and this summer is no different!

I remember spending a summer in England years ago, and I was fascinated by the differences between British and American English to describe the weather. Do you know some of the differences? Let’s take a look at some below:

American English:                          British English:  
Humid                                                  Muggy / Close
Quite cold                                           A bit parky
Raining Heavily                               Chucking / Throwing it down
Heavy fog                                           A real pea souper
Very cold                                           Brass monkeys
Quite windy                                       Quite a stiff breeze

Whew! Those are some major differences, right? But I found that some weather-related idioms are the same in both countries. For example:

Weather the storm = Endure a difficult situation
Under the weather = Not feeling well
Catch wind of some news = Hear some gossip
Storm in a teacup = a short-lived problem
I don’t have the foggiest idea = I do not know
Head in the clouds = Lacking concentration

o, even though American and British English is sometimes very different, it is also very similar! Well, I’m off to the beach to enjoy my summer vacation!

Now, if I can just find my suntan lotion…..and towel….and swimming trunks….and sandals………. :(

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