Halloween - Joseph Sensei


Halloween – Joseph Sensei


“Trick or Treat!”  On October 31st, North Americans celebrate Halloween.
Halloween means “holy” (hallow) ”evening” (een). Halloween is the night before All Saints Day, a Christian holy day. Many people don’t know that Halloween isolder than Christianity!

Before Christianity, people in Europe believed that on October 31st ghosts of dead people returned to visit the living. To keep or “scare” the ghosts away, people dressed like demons and made very loud noises. Sometimes they made big fires to keep away the evil spirits. Europeans that immigrated to America brought the custom of Halloween with them. Centuries later, we still celebrate Halloween, but as a fun event.

Today in North America, Halloween is very popular with children. They wear costumes and masks, or scary make-up. They want to look like monsters, or demons, or ghosts, vampires, or maybe even their favourite superhero. They walk around their neighbourhood, visit houses, knock on doors and say “Trick or treat”! People then give them candies and sweets. But adults can also enjoy Halloween, and on this October 31st, we are having a DMA Halloween Party!

If you have trouble deciding on a costume every Halloween, perhaps you can use your name as a guideline. For example, I use my first name (Joseph) or my nicknames (Joe or Joey) to help give me costume ideas. For instance:

Halloween 2008: I was ”Josephine”, and let me tell you — It wasn’t easy for me to squeeze into a tight one-piece dress and high heels.
Halloween 2009: I was ”G.I. Joe”, an American soldier. It was a good costume, but the police stopped me because my machine gun looked “too real”.
Halloween 2010: I was “Joey”. In Australia, a baby kangaroo is called “Joey”, which also happens to be one of the nicknames for Joseph. It was a great costume, but all the “jumping around” made me really, really tired.
Halloween 2011: ??????????  Any ideas? Your suggestions would be very helpful.

Good luck with your own costume and hope to see you all at the DMA Halloween Party! :)

★★★ ハロウィンパーティー詳細決定!★★★


日時: 2011年10月30日(日) 19:30-22:00
場所: コパスティックカフェダイニング 六本木店(http://copasticcafe.jp/shop/)





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