Christmas movies - Joseph sensei


Christmas movies – Joseph sensei

Hello, everyone!
Christmas is just around the corner, which is a great holiday for eating cake, opening presents, and…..watching movies!!!
Below are two holiday films that I highly recommend. If you have your own favourite Christmas holiday movie, please tell us.
Have a very Merry Christmas and watch these two classic films!  :)
1. The Santa Clause (1994)
santa clause trailer

Tim Allen is very funny in this fun family tale about a regular guy who kills Santa Claus by accident — whoops! — then has to take over his job. He doesn’t want to at first, but he begins to enjoy becoming Santa little by little. This is a great Christmas movie that the whole family will like. Not just the kids, but parents can also enjoy this great film!

お かしな登場人物のTim Allenは、間違ってサンタを殺してしまいます。そのため、サンタの仕事を引き受けなくては、いけなくなります。最初は、なりたくありませんでしたが、 少しずつサンタの仕事が好きになっていきます。この映画は、家族みんなで楽しめる、楽しいクリスマス映画です。子どもだけでなく、大人も楽しめる映画で す!

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ghosts and Reindeer??? They’re great together! Or so thinks Jack Skellington, the main character who tries to take over Christmas in this fantastic stop-motion film directed by the great Tim Burton. With a sweet scary tale for kids and the jolly element of Santa for grown-ups, this is a family-friendly film that combines Halloween with Christmas!

幽霊とトナカイ?は仲がいいんです!すばらしい監督Tim Burtonの映画の中で、主人公のJack Skellingtonは、 クリスマスをのっとろうとします。子供向けには、おもしろ怖い、大人向けにはおもしろく、ハロウィンとクリスマスを組み合わせた家族向けの映画です!

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